Founded in May 1995.  Born in the eye of a storm, the original DAN’S PAWN was in the former “Bell Tackle” building on Beck Ave (see B&W photo). They renovated this run-down structure in the summer of ‘95 making them one of the early pioneers of revitalization for the St Andrews commercial business district (CBD). One week before they were set to open, Hurricane Opal struck (Category 2) and the St Andrews central business district was ravaged. Despite being flooded and losing everything; they rebuilt and restocked. Three weeks later on October 30, 1995 the doors were finally open. 

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Purchased 3 additional pawnshops in June 2000.  We sold 1 store same day to a competitor. We ran the 2nd store (Rock ‘N Hock Music & Pawn) for awhile but closed it within a year (see photo below, Pink Flamingo’s and Elvis!!) But we kept the 3rd store (the old Kwik Kash Pawn, in Springfield), renamed it and grew it for 18 years. See photo of our YELLOW PAGES ad from FY 2000 below that shows 3 stores. NOTE #1: For those of you under 45, the “Yellow Pages” was this book-like thingy that had a list of everyone’s land-line phone number. NOTE #2; For those of you under 35, a land-line was an ancient phone device that was hard-wired to a wall of your home or business. 




Both Stores hard hit by Hurricane Michael in Oct 2018.   Unfortunately, we lost both stores due to a Category 5 Hurricane on Oct 10, 2018. The Springfield store was a near total loss. And our St Andrews store was heavily damaged. We were closed for 3 weeks in the aftermath. But we combined what was left of both stores into a makeshift temporary location, and ran things out of our old business office for 11 months. We’ve completed repairs on our St Andrews store, and Soft-Opened on 10-8-19 (with a Grand Opening planned for Nov 1, 2019). We are proud to have recovered one of our stores, and are truly glad to be “back on Beck”. Many thanks to all those who helped along the way! So we have been “re-born” through the eye of another storm. NOTE #3. When our main sign was torn down, someone found the top half about 2 blocks away… and brought it back to us. See attached photo, for what the old BELL TACKLE sign used to look like (it was under 3 layers of Dan’s Pawn signage). 





Family Owned & Operated. Avery and Carla work in the business on a daily basis, and all 3 of their grown children worked 5+ years at the business before going off to college. We are thankful for their contributions in helping us build this wonderful business. Their customer-centric values have strengthened our company, and we are proud of their work-ethic too.


Michelle, Avery, Michael & Matthew Adcock - Summer 2014


Carla, Matthew, Michael, Michelle & Avery Adcock - Summer 2019

Meeting the needs of Bay County’s working families. Over the years, we have taken a strong leadership role in the pawn industry at the local, state, and national levels. We give back to the community, through numerous charitable and sponsorship events. We are proud to have realized our original vision (see Mission Statement below). Bay County needs us now more than ever … loaning small amounts of money, and saving folks money when they buy “used”. We look forward to continuing that commitment.




Mission Statement

Provide the consumer with a source for small denomination, fully collateralized loans on almost anything of value, and a place for purchasing low cost, pre-owned merchandise in a clean, friendly, customer service oriented environment that is a fun and rewarding place to work for employees, while producing growth and profitability for the shareholders.