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Local Pawn Shop gets New Lease on Life after Hurricane


Owner Avery Adcock has nothing but praise for his loyal employees and customers, who kept the business going after the category 5 storm knocked their original location out of action.

Written by Tony Mixon at Panama City News Herald


Dan's Pawn Shop is finally open for business after the devastation of Hurricane Michael.

The locally owned and operated business had been waiting for a little over a year to reopen its main location at 1315 Beck Ave. The shop has been operating out of a temporary location.

Owner Avery Adcock thinks the city is being revitalized.


"I think we're all on the same track, all of the businesses. I think it took a long time for us to get our insurance money," said Adcock. "We're very excited to be on Beck Avenue."

Adcock appreciated the loyal customers who were able to find them at their temporary location.

"I didn't realize how much transit traffic we were missing, that spontaneous customer," said Adcock. "Now that there are more businesses opening down here, it generates more traffic."


He said the staff at Dan's Pawn Shop prides themselves on helping the customer however they can. That feeling has grown stronger because of those loyal customers who found them at their temporary location.

"For 11 months, they tolerated much smaller conditions, less choice, and some money rationing because we couldn't loan as much," said Adcock. "They even tolerated (portable toilets) and it broke my heart."

Adcock prides himself on his store being the working man's bank for people in need. Especially for people still dealing with damages from Hurricane Michael.


After the hurricane, they sold chainsaws, window units and generators for a fraction to help people.

As for their second location in Springfield, Adcock is working out a plan to rebuild it.

"It took 12 months and 13 days to get the first location to open back up and we're ironing out the last wrinkles of the new facility," said Adcock. "The Springfield one was about 85 percent damaged, so it'll take a lot more money and a lot more work."


Currently, the second location is being rented by a construction company for a year. If they choose not to stay after the year, Adcock will look into trying to reopen the Springfield location.

Adcock credits his employees for sticking around through the rebuilding process.

"You can't have a successful business without great employees and I have a great staff with me," said Adcock. "I appreciate them so much for being there from the beginning."

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